Cambridge Sensors Limited have developed a customisable blood glucose test strip that can be used with customer defined blood glucose test systems.
The strip is available for client companies to incorporate into their blood glucose test systems on an OEM basis. These products are the sold by the clients under their own brand name on to markets world-wide.

Our first generation test strip has the following features:

  • Glucose Dehydrogenase chemistry which reduces the interference problems associated with older glucose oxidase systems
  • A blood volume requirement of 600nL making testing less painful to the diabetic
  • A response time of 10 seconds
  • Calibration via a plug in key which is preferred by users and healthcare professionals
  • Edge fill. The strip fills by contacting the sample to the edge of the strip
Srip FillHere is an example of the way the CSL glucose sensor strip fills with capillary blood.